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RECORDING & PRESENTATION AVAILABLE! Web Seminar: The Instant Payment Card Proposal - July 2020

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APSCA - Next Generation Cards 2020 Virtual Summit & Expo


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Instant Payment Card - Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Offline Authentication - EU Retail Payments Strategy - Latest SPA Newsletter - October 2020


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Web Seminar Recording: The Instant Payment Card Proposal - July 2020

How an Instant Payment Card would extend SEPA instant Credit Transfer functionality to consumers paying at point of sale (POS) terminals in stores and retail outlets across Europe.

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The Instant Payment Card: Initiating a SEPA Credit Transfer at the Point of Sale - April 2020

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Instant Payments at the Point of Sale - Looking at opportunities for the Forecourt Retailer - October 2019

 Instant Payments Forecourt s

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